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a short walk from the Cathedral and Baptistery...
a short walk from Gallery Academy...
a short walk from the Church of Santa Maria Novella...
a short walk from Medici Chapels...
a short walk from San Lorenzo Market...
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Helpful links

Some websites with useful informations to visit the artistic and monumental treasures of Florence.

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Lijnks and useful website - Florence

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»  Museum complex
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»  Florence by night
»  Travelling by train
»  Florence on the web
»  Meteo Ansa
»  Wines site

“It was a pleasant surprise to find this hotel was so close to the train station . With large suitcases to lug around, we appreciated the fact all we needed to do was take the western exit out of the station, turn left, cross the road at the traffic lights and walk a further 20 metres to our hotel....”
19 October 2011
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