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Medici Chapels

How could be missed in Florence a true tribute to the memory of a family like the Medici!? Discussed, controversial, but so much has undoubtedly increased the fame of the city in the world.

For a period of about three centuries have marked the political and economic life of Florence
And Tuscany, and from this prestigious family descended popes and queens (particularly famous Catherine de Medici, queen of France) . Thanks to the position of the hotel, it’s inevitable to go and visit Medici Chapels, to breath the solemn atmosphere of gratitude, pride and respect that distinguishes.

Suffice it to say that the New Sacristy was designed by the hand of Michelangelo, in the wake of the need felt by Pope Leo X (Medici) to find a worthy memorial to his brother Giuliano and his cousin Lorenzo (Duke of Urbino).
 It was decided to create a new environment since the Old Sacristy, the family chapel, had a style of his, thanks to the valuable work of Brunelleschi and Donatello.
 The sculptures of Michelangelo, with the wonderful craftsmanship of the artist, representing allegorically the triumph of the Medici family on the passing of time.
 Conveniently situated near the Medici Chapels, Hotel Palazzo Vecchio you can also admire the majesty of the Chapel of the Princes, already wanted by Cosimo I (but built by Ferdinand I) to give proper emphasis to the tombs of the Grand Dukes.
Just walk a few steps away in the Bernardo Cennini, where we are, towards Via Faenza and from there go straight. It's really easy to notice it, since the Chapel of the Princes is topped by the dome of San Lorenzo, which has a dimension in the city is second only to that of the famous Cathedral.

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29 November 2011
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